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On the Screens of Cambodia’s Hand-Painted Signs

Hand-painted sign in Cambodia showing content on the picture of a screen.

Gordon sent me this picture that I never saw while researching the book, Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie. It is from Roka Kandal, just South of Kratie town, and reads ‘Repair Television, Tape Player, VCD’ (VCDs are Video CDs). Like Gordon

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Natural Wonders on the West Bank of the Mekong

Hand-painted sign showing various animals at a watering hole

Soon after publishing Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie I took a tour to the West bank of the Mekong river. After living for two years on the East bank, where Kratie Town is situated, it was odd that I’d never been

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Now Published: Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie

The first copy of Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie being sold

It’s official, Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie is now available to buy from Amazon.com and a number of other retailers. The book comes in a print edition and two different eBook formats for devices like iPad, Kindle, Nook and more. There’s

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Losing hand-painted signs in Kratie

Before and after photos showing the loss of a hand-painted sign in Kratie

Change in the world of Kratie’s hand-painted signs is rapid. In most cases signs are lost when new digital printed creations replace them. This can happen ‘naturally’ or through the interference of people like me. However, in some instances, the

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Before and after: Dara Music Group

Hand-painted sign advertising Dara Music Group in Kratie, Cambodia

Dara means star in Khmer and this sign for a music group had sufficient star quality to make it onto my acquisitions short list. Following the purchase of the original hand-painted sign, the business owners have taken less than a month

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Collecting hand-painted signs from Kratie

Sam Roberts at home with his original hand-painted signs of Kratie

I’d been considering buying a handful of signs that I really like for a couple of weeks and had even got as far as opening negotiations with a couple of the owners. I then had to go to the countryside

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White rabbits on Cambodian signs

Hand painted sign showing a white rabbit directing visitors to the cultural centre at Yeak Loam lake in Ban Lung, Ratanakiri

White rabbits make an unusually frequent appearance on hand-painted signs in Cambodia. The one above is from the Yeak Loam lake in Ban Lung, Ratanakiri. It turns out that the white rabbit is a symbol of good luck in Cambodia,

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Guard dogs and film stars

Hand painted sign showing Cambodian film stars.

Working on the book has brought me into contact with a number of fellow enthusiasts. One of these, Cassandra Naji, has kindly shared a couple of her photos, so thank you Cassandra. The picture above, from Battambang, shows a number of

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