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Cambodian Goddesses by Steve Tierney

Painted sign in Cambodia showing a beautiful woman

Notions of beauty are discussed in one of chapters in the book, provoked by the many painted signs in Cambodia for hair and makeup shops. The depictions of women on these signs varies considerably, although they are often portrayed with

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Cambodian Shop Signs by Joel Montague

Joel Montague has recently made a brilliant addition to the published material on Cambodia’s hand-painted signs. ‘Cambodian Shop Signs: Free-Market Signage in a Post-Marxist Society‘ is a detailed account of the form, featuring over 80 colour images. It is the

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Hand-painted Cambodian signs at trunkh.

Hand-painted Cambodian tailor sign for sale in trunkh.

The popularity of hand-painted signs in Cambodia seems to be increasing on a daily basis. During last week’s ‘road show’ to launch the book in Phnom Penh I learned of a new shop that, among many other things, is selling

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Cambodian Shop Signs in LA

Hand-painted Cambodian sign for a traditional medicine healer

The Fowler Museum at the University of California is holding a four-month exhibition from 2nd December featuring the collection of Joel Montague, part of which he has donated to them. The sign above is among those that will be exhibited.

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Hand Painted Signs of Cambodia Flickr group

If you haven’t done so already then I’d highly recommend browsing the Flickr group, Hand Painted Signs of Cambodia. It is a real treasure trove of content, mixing the beautiful, bizarre and bemusing in one nifty package. A number of

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Foreword from Joel Montague

Hand-painted sign on canvass in Cambodia showing a strong man and various animals

Joel Montague is a veteran of hand-painted signs in Cambodia and his collection is a unique record of those from the 1990s. I was fortunate enough to make contact with Joel in the USA ahead of publishing my book and

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Collage Art Posters from Steve Tierney

Collection of posters inspired by hand-painted signs in Cambodia

Steve Tierney is another enthusiast for Cambodia’s hand-painted signs. Whereas I have directed my own interest towards creating the book, Steve has interpreted the signs through his series of “Collage Art Posters”. I caught up with him to learn more

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Did you see this one? Sign Art in Cambodian Life

Hand-painted Cambodian sign showing a wedding scene and a spit roast pig in the background.

Robert Joiner is a New Zealand photo-journalist who spent the early part of the 2000s volunteering with the New Zealand Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA). Like me he was drawn to the hand-painted signs he discovered here and his images were

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