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Cambodian Shop Signs in LA

Hand-painted Cambodian sign for a traditional medicine healer

The Fowler Museum at the University of California is holding a four-month exhibition from 2nd December featuring the collection of Joel Montague, part of which he has donated to them. The sign above is among those that will be exhibited.

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Foreword from Joel Montague

Hand-painted sign on canvass in Cambodia showing a strong man and various animals

Joel Montague is a veteran of hand-painted signs in Cambodia and his collection is a unique record of those from the 1990s. I was fortunate enough to make contact with Joel in the USA ahead of publishing my book and

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Before and after: Dara Music Group

Hand-painted sign advertising Dara Music Group in Kratie, Cambodia

Dara means star in Khmer and this sign for a music group had sufficient star quality to make it onto my acquisitions short list. Following the purchase of the original hand-painted sign, the business owners have taken less than a month

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Collecting hand-painted signs from Kratie

Sam Roberts at home with his original hand-painted signs of Kratie

I’d been considering buying a handful of signs that I really like for a couple of weeks and had even got as far as opening negotiations with a couple of the owners. I then had to go to the countryside

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