Signs of change in Kratie

Hand-painted shop fascia for Pal Nget photo shop


Printed fascia sign for Pal Ngeth photo shop


More examples today of the changing face of Kratie’s signage and, in the case of Pal Nget’s printing shop above, the loss of a hand-painted sign and the introduction of a big and bold printed update. This type of ‘organic’ evolution shows that the change prompted by my own activities is inevitable and soon the hand-painted form will be no more. (See also the complete loss of one Government sign.)

In another type of change, check out this before and after.

Hand-painted sign in Kratie for Pros mobile phone company


Hand-painted sign for a mobile phone shop in Kratie, Cambodia


The sign advertises a mobile phone shop and translates as “Pros, mobile repairs, ring tones and music installation, mobile phone part exchange”. Pros was the previous shop owner’s name before it presumably changed hands or the sign was sold to another shop. The top portion with the name has been crudely ‘yellow washed’ and a stencil used to add the new owner’s name in red.

So, it’s all change, and at quite some pace, here in Kratie. As Robert C. Gallagher once said, “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.”

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