Colourful 1970s looking hand-painted sign in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, showing off some buffon women's hair styles
Here are some further resources related to hand painted signs in Cambodia. Please let me know of any others that aren’t listed here.


  1. Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie
  2. Cambodian Shop Signs
  3. Carnet de rencontres au Cambodge: au fil des routes…
  4. Did You See This One? Sign Art in Cambodian Life

Online articles

  1. Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie blog.
  2. Signs of better times in Cambodia. Extended article profiling Joel Montague and his unique collection of hand-painted signs from Cambodia.
  3. The Last Sign Painter. Article about an elderly painter of Cambodian movie signs.
  4. The last hand-painted sign in Saigon. Story of one of Saigon’s hand-painted signs with some comments about the demise of those in Cambodia.


  1. Mediating the Mekong. A report into the arts in South East Asia including country-specific notes on Cambodia.

Galleries and groups

  1. Hand-Painted Signs of Cambodia Flickr group.
  2. Cambodian Signs set from RealThai on Flickr.


See also those of Kratie signpainter Sai Sokheang producing the cover for Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie.