Now Published: Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie

The first copy of Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie being sold

Photo: Olivia Wynne

It’s official, Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie is now available to buy from and a number of other retailers. The book comes in a print edition and two different eBook formats for devices like iPad, Kindle, Nook and more. There’s also a free preview to let you try before you buy and a free Khmer translation of the text. You can explore your options on the ‘Buy’ page.

Above is the first sale of a rare proof copy to my good friend Ingran’s dad, Nada Lingham. He got it signed too. Hopefully you’ll join him and me in this celebration of Cambodia’s hand-painted signs. (Signings are subject to availability!)

Sam Roberts signing Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie

Photo: Olivia Wynne

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