Koh Kong Blues

Hand-painted signs for a dentist in Koh Kong, Cambodia

Photo: Gilly Clifford

We’ve currently got guests over from the UK and my wife has taken them to Koh Kong in the South West of the country from where she has sent this despatch of signs, all painted on blue in the traditional Khmer style. These dentist signs never fail to shock me, on the one above it looks like the tooth is set inside a number ‘1’ but this would not be my first choice if I needed any work done!

Hand-painted Cambodia sign showing a guard dog

Photo: Gilly Clifford

Another one from the guard dog category.

Hand-painted sign in Koh Kong Cambodia showing a hifi system

Photo: Gilly Clifford

Any finally one showing its age, at lest the TV on the right of the picture.

I’ll be going to Koh Kong and a few other places around the country myself in the next couple of months so look out for more despatches from the wonderful world of Cambodia’s hand-painted signs.

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