Hand-Painted Cambodian Truck

Hand-Panted Battambang Truck Full

Photo: Sam Roberts

My recent viewing of the excellent Horn Please movie reminded me of this discovery in Battambang which I made just before leaving Cambodia. While the trucks of India, Bangladesh and Brazil (to name a few) are consistently decorated in vibrantly coloured words and pictures, those in Cambodia are more restrained in their appearance. There is the occasional depiction of Angkor Wat but other than that the only addition to the factory paintwork is the mud and dust depending on whether it is the rainy or dry season respectively. In that respect the truck pictured above (details below) is a rarity.

Based on the illustration I am guessing that this is a wedding and events entertainment company of some sort but perhaps Khmer readers of the blog can add to this suggestion in the comments below. In terms of the production of the lettering and illustration, it is clear that this has benefited from the use of an airbrush or other spray painting device. Those who have a copy of the book can compare the letter highlighted below with those profiled on pages 52-3 as it is the same letter of the alphabet, pronounced ‘ngor’.

Hand-Panted Battambang Truck Lettering

Photo: Sam Roberts

Hand-Panted Battambang Truck Illustration

Photo: Sam Roberts

Hand-Panted Battambang Truck Detail

Photo; Sam Roberts

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