Guard dogs and film stars

Hand painted sign showing Cambodian film stars.

Photo: Cassandra Naji

Working on the book has brought me into contact with a number of fellow enthusiasts. One of these, Cassandra Naji, has kindly shared a couple of her photos, so thank you Cassandra.

The picture above, from Battambang, shows a number of Cambodian film stars. Some of them, the men in fact, are painted in caricature form with small bodies. Hand-painted signs for films have a strong tradition in Cambodia and the FCC did this profile of one of the artists known for producing them.

The sign below is from Phnom Penh and is part of a collection of signs for guard dogs, a form that Cassandra particularly likes, alongside those for barbers. The design on this one makes it look like this dog’s head is mounted on a plaque.

Hand painted Cambodian sign showing a guard dog

Photo: Cassandra Naji

And finally, below, here is one from Kratie that didn’t make it into the book, although there is another guard dog one that did. I shared this one with Cassandra who described the picture of the dog as “Dickensian” which I would agree with. I must say it doesn’t terrify me exactly, but then maybe the text that says the dog bites should be sufficient, for Khmer readers at least…

Cassandra writes her own blog on arts and culture in South East Asia so do check that out. Thanks again for sharing your pictures.

Cambodian hand painted sign showing a guard dog

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