Cambodian Shop Signs in LA

Hand-painted Cambodian sign for a traditional medicine healer

From the collection of Joel Montague

The Fowler Museum at the University of California is holding a four-month exhibition from 2nd December featuring the collection of Joel Montague, part of which he has donated to them. The sign above is among those that will be exhibited. It isĀ for a traditional medicine healer and Joel says of it:

“It is very rare. It says hand disease healing and ear piercing. The hand piercing procedure is officially outlawed and the sign would be prohibited by the public health authorities on a main road. Note that one of the women has no mouth.”

Joel Montague / Fowler Museum UCLA

‘Cambodian Shop Signs: A Gift to the Fowler Museum from Joel G. Montague’ runs at the Fowler Museum, UCLA, from 2nd December 2012 until 31st March 2013. [Download the press release.]

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